10 Reasons Derby Businesses Should Choose Enthusiasm as Charity of The Year

10:55 am

Derby Charity, The Enthusiasm Trust

10 reasons why Derby Charity, The Enthusiasm Trust should be your charity of the year

We have been operating as a charity in Derby for the last 25 years, in that time we have worked with thousands of young people, at danger of offending, and we have helped them to turn their lives around and become productive and happy members of society.

We need local businesses to help us continue this work. In return for your support, we can offer valuable marketing and CSR solutions for your company. To discuss how working with The Enthusiasm Trust, can benefit your company please contact Heather Russo at heather.russo@enthusiasm.org.uk or 07792 455330.

  1. Be an inspiration – your support could provide mentoring for a young person for a full year
  2. Be the change – Our mentoring programmes help young people make better decisions and avoid a life of criminality
  3. Make a real difference – It costs just over £2,000 to mentor a young person for a year. It costs over £200,000 to lock them up
  4. Be heard – We can provide you with great PR opportunities for your business
  5. Be different – 70% of all charity giving goes to the big charities – support a local charity helping local people
  6. Be seen – We will give you a fantastic profile on our website and backlinks
  7. Work with experts – We have 25 years of experience helping disadvantaged young people to make better lives for themselves
  8. Network – We will give you weekly mentions on our social media platforms
  9. Be smart – Your money won’t be chewed up by the admin machine as with big charities – it will go to helping young people in Derby.
  10. We share your news – We will share all your news with our networks


If you would like to sit down and have an informal discussion about working with The Enthusiasm Trust, please contact Heather Russo at heather.russo@enthusiasm.org.uk or 07792 455330.