Liverpool feedback

11:51 am

One of the young people called Rhiannon who went on the Liverpool trip, sent in the photos above and had this to say about her time in Liverpool; “Liverpool was so great! It was very challenging but worth it in the end, we all stuck together as a team and communicated and managed to get through the day with not accidents or grief.Some people on the team struggled, some didn’t but we all waited we was patient and took it at a reasonable pace. For some people this was very hard and was a massive achievement so the team are so proud of everyone who participated. When we arrived at Liverpool we all settled in had showers, food etc.. Then we all sat in the girls bedroom and had a good laugh for a few hours and spoke about the day and how people thought it went.
We all packed in the morning and drove down to the docs, we walked along and went in a few shops, some of us bought gifts, sweets, food… After that we visited The titanic museum, it was very good! Then we drove back to Manchester, thanks to Chantelle, Mark and Richard for allowing this bike ride to happen and for paying for the hostel”.

It is great to see that even a few weeks after the young people are still talking about this trip in such a positive way. Everyone at Enthusiasm is very proud of what all the young people and staff have achieved during this trip. A massive well done for all the money raised as well. We look forward to seeing what else the CTZN Arrows get up to over the next couple of months!