Violence within the youth

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http://Children as young as 10 have been arrested in Derbyshire for violence, new figures have revealed. These figures show that the number off arrests for under 18’s have risen by a tenth in the last year.

There were 455 arrests of young children aged 10 up to 17 for violence against another person in 2014/15 – up 11% from 410 in 2013/14 which is a cause of concern.

These figures go against a trend across England and Wales as a whole. Whereas the numbers of arrests significantly dropped by 11% over the year.

However, the number of arrests in Derbyshire has drastically dropped by 59% since 2010/11.

The figures represent a rise of 45 arrests over 12 months for violence against another person, compared to the previous year. However, when compared to four years ago, the number of under-18’s arrested for the same offence is down almost 60 per cent. Which in the eyes of society is a success.

Derbyshire has also recognize a 41% rise in the number of arrests of 10 to 17-year-old’s for robbery, up from 103 to 145 in 2014/15. However across England and Wales, there was a 27% drop in arrests.

Overall in Derbyshire, there were 1,578 arrests of 10 to 17-year-old’s in 2014/15, down 5% from 2013/14, and 54% lower than in 2010/11.

Arrests for robbery have seen an enormous drop over the past five years, down 62% to 5,341, followed by a 61% drop in arrests for theft and handling stolen goods, down to 19,472 arrests in 2014/15.

Across England and Wales, all types of crime have seen a drop over the past five years, however, the number of arrests of 10 to 17-year-old’s for sexual offences rose by 1.6% between 2013/14 and 2014/15, the second year of rises, to 3,454.

Overall, in the year ending March 2015, there were 950,000 arrests carried out by police in England and Wales, a fall of 7% on the previous year, and continuing the downward trend since a peak in the year ending March 2007, when there were almost 1.5 million arrests.

Of those, the vast majority – 84% – were males and more than a third of arrests, 35%, were for offences related to violence against the person and one in five were for theft and handling stolen goods.

All these figures are from Derby telegraph. The article is;