Carlus Grant – Top Story on BBC East Midlands: Enthusiasm Trust

17:27 pm

'What initiated a powerful turnaround to a new life'

Watch the beginning of what would become the first of many steps undertaken by Carlus. This arrest would lead to important life choices to change his life. The current narrative is understanding what are the underlying factors that leads individuals into a lifestyle of crime. BBC East Midlands put together a preview of this event, the first step to help Carlus turn his life around. One of the key protective factors is his long standing mentoring relationship with Founder Joseph Russo.

Carlos now spends his time, working closely with Joe to create a new narrative amongst professionals and other key individuals who could help or be the final lifeline for the Carlus of today aged between 11-16. Carlus states “If I can prevent and help safeguard young people in similar situations, by getting help to them, then I am living out this new mission and using my past to make a positive difference”.


Recently a practitioner who attended a session where Carlus was inspiring professionals stated “Carlus stood out as authentic and was very eloquent, his story has provoked change in my approach to dealing with young people in similar situations today”.