Enthusiasm Trust Discuss Knife Crime on ITV & BBC News

14:19 pm

The Home Office recently launched a new campaign aimed at cutting knife crime among young people, which launched across social media with the hashtag #knifefree

As part of this Home Office Minister, Victoria Atkins, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Crime, Vulnerability and Safeguarding, visited the Enthusiasm Trust’s community centre on Cotton Lane, in Derby to speak to volunteers and young people.

While we applaud the Home Office for addressing the issue, we tried to communicate to the minister and the media, that the only way to effectively tackle and reduce knife crime is by a more joined-up approach. Where the work of organisations like the Enthusiasm Trust work in partnership with city councils, housing trusts, schools and the police.

As part of a regional ITV news report, Nikita, Joe and Caleb were interviewed and you can see what they had to say about the campaign in the clip below.

Caleb Jackson, North West Regional Lead, for Enthusiasm, spells out his thoughts to ITV news.

Nikita Biggs, Enthusiasm volunteer, on youth mentality towards carrying knives.

Enthusiasm founder Joe Russo, speaks frankly about his concerns


And here is the BBC coverage from East Midlands Today: