Enthusiasm Trust Statement Regarding Mr Pollard Article

13:45 pm

We entirely refute the serious and defamatory allegations made by Mr Pollard.  For the record, we set out the correct factual position in this statement, which we are also posting on our website.  We confirm that our trustees are reporting Mr Pollard’s allegations and our response to the regulator, the Charity Commission, under the trustees’ serious incident reporting responsibilities.  We are a transparent and accountable charity and remain focused on continuing to use Enthusiasm’s resources to support young people at risk.

These allegations are totally unfounded and without any merit.

In researching this article, Mr Pollard made no attempt to engage directly with any member of the Enthusiasm Trust Board/Senior Management or in fact validate any of the comments purported to have been made.

We have not received £2 million + funding over the last 10 years from Derby City Council. Funding from Derby City Council reduced drastically under the previous leader.  Our accounts are always available in the public domain and can be viewed on the Companies House website.  We are externally audited annually and fully compliant with the Charity Commission regulations.

Our Queen’s Award presentation event at Marble Hall was attended by senior Council officials, senior police representatives and dignitaries.  Enthusiasm volunteers were also present at the event.  Young people were not, due to the fact that the event was held on a Wednesday afternoon, due to the Lord-Lieutenant’s schedule, when young people are at school.  Mr Pollard did not attend this event and his reporting of the event is hearsay as well as inaccurate in many respects.

The Queen’s Award nomination was fully compliant with their guidance.  The Queen’s Award body undertook their own full due diligence before granting the award.

We enjoy positive working relationships with multiple organisations across Derby which are evidenced on our social media feed.

As an organisation, we work with highly vulnerable young people and therefore, who we work with, whether they are volunteers or users of the service, are managed in line with our safeguarding policy and all necessary Regulations and guidelines.

We deliver regular reports against funders’ requirements and Service Level Agreements.  Enthusiasm’s programmes have been externally evaluated and are recognised nationally as good practice.

Allenton Big Local has its own website, of which all transactions and agreements are open to the public domain and have been since its inception.  Enthusiasm is held to account by the Big Local, as with all of its supporters.

We are not displacing the council’s Local Area Coordinators.

Reporting on individual salaries is incorrect and inaccurate and is a breach of Data Protection Regulations.  Key management positions also deliver direct youth work.

We reserve all our rights and legal remedies against Mr Pollard.


The Enthusiasm Trust Board