Heather Beats The Rat Race

13:06 pm

Finished: Nicola Toone, Tracy Macdonald, Heather Russo, Claire Hirons, Melanie Hall, Claire Mullane


You have to be ultra-fit and ultra-determined to take on The Rat Race – one of the UK’s most extreme physical challenges – but fortunately for Enthusiasm, Heather Russo is both.

Heather took on the epic challenge, a gruelling 105-mile coast to coast event in the Scottish Highlands, earlier this month in a bid to raise vital funds for Enthusiasm.

She said: “Undertaking this challenge was very daunting, however, Enthusiasm is a charity I hold dear to my heart and if anything was going to get me through it, it was thinking about all the young people we will help with our fundraising efforts.”

The two-day challenge saw Heather cover 21 miles on foot, two miles in a kayak and 82 on a bike, taking in the shores of Loch Ness, the grounds of Cawdor Castle and the terrain of Glens Nevis and Coe.

Heather added: “We will be setting up a donation as part of our Big Give week – as we have had an amazing offer from Dulverton trust, to double monies raised then.”