How local business benefits from working with Enthusiasm Trust

13:18 pm

Supporting a local charity like Enthusiasm is not a one-way deal. We don’t just take your money.

Support Enthusiasm and we can help you fulfil your business’ Corporate Social Responsibility and PR objectives.

And as we celebrate our 25th year in 2018, there will be more opportunities than ever before for exposure on a local, regional and national level for businesses who choose us as their charity of the year.

Here are just some of the ways we can work together:

  • Events: Get regular invites to our events, network with regional influencers
  • Press releases: Name us as your charity of the year and we’ll have our PR team write a press release for local media and your website
  • We’ll announce your support on our own website and through our social media channels
  • Speaking of which, we’ll follow all your social media networks and share your company news – giving you an even larger audience of East Midlands businesses and influencers
  • Not only will you be added to our Newsletter mailing list, we’ll include your company news in our partner section – again helping to grow your audience across more of the East Midlands
  • Volunteer – help your staff to inspire and be inspired. We can help you find rewarding projects for your staff to volunteer on. Check out this great project Derby County helped us out with:
  • Get fundraising: Fundraising events are a great way to boost morale and team spirit. And they are pretty newsworthy too. Whether you’re planning a coffee morning or pogoing up Everest, we can provide support and ideas
  • Partnerships: We work with large numbers of local businesses; perhaps we can open a door for you somewhere?

These are some of the benefits open to businesses who choose to work with The Enthusiasm Trust, a charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged young people in Derby. Something we have been doing for 25 years.

The real benefits of working with Enthusiasm, can’t be measured but to give you some idea, take a look at this news footage from East Midlands Today:

We hope that we can count on you to help us make our 25th year the best ever!

If you would like to sit down and have an informal discussion about working with The Enthusiasm Trust, please contact Heather Russo at or 07792 455330.