How Supporting a Local Charity Helps the Local Area

11:31 am

Derby Charity, Enthusiasm celebrates 25 years

How supporting local charities helps local areas

At The Enthusiasm Trust, we have been working locally in Derby for 25 years. Supporting a local charity brings with it lots of benefits.

Not only will you be fulfilling your company’s corporate social responsibility, giving your employees an enormous sense of achievement and changing the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable, you will also be having a tremendously positive effect on your local area.

After all, in the same way local business boost the local economy, local charities boost local well-being.

So why wouldn’t you support a charity on your doorstep?

How the local area benefits when supporting a local charity:

  • You’ll be making a positive contribution in the local area in which you operate
  • You’ll be helping to support the community where many of your employees live – making it a better place for them and their families
  • Supporting the local community means you’re directly supporting potential customers and securing your reputation among the local community
  • Help overcome the most pressing social issues in the area
  • Local charities have been hard hit by budget cuts – your support will help boost their efforts within the local area
  • Local charities are typically smaller, meaning more of your money goes directly to the community and doesn’t get lost in admin costs
  • The entire community will benefit

The Enthusiasm Trust is a small local organisation who works directly with the community it serves. By supporting Enthusiasm you’ll be directly supporting the people of the East Midlands.

If you would like to sit down and have an informal discussion about working with The Enthusiasm Trust, please contact Heather Russo at or 07792 455330.