Joseph Russo shares about ‘Girls in Knife Crime’ with BBC Radio Derby

12:08 pm

Joseph Russo speaks to BBC Radio Derby about girls in knife crime

Knife possession offences involving girls and women have increased significantly as the nation continues to ask questions around the rise of Serious Violence which is gripping our communities.

Data obtained by the BBC shows 1,709 offences recorded last year were by woman and girls, an increase of 73% over five years. These figures serve to substantiate the ever growing problem.

However, there is a bigger picture that cannot be ignored around the lack of services, lack of support, lack of youth clubs and poverty as a core driver. These complex issues need solutions to prevent more children being criminally exploited. As a nation there begs a question around whether we need to learn about Child Criminal Exploitation at the costs of young lives, in the same way we sadly learnt through the horrific outcomes of Child Sexual Exploitation.

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Joseph Russo speaks to Radio Derby about girls in knife crime