Short video made by Young People about Allenton

14:04 pm

The Enthusiasm Trust have worked with young people from the Allenton area to produce this short video take a look:

Local, Osmaston residents and young people have been busyResearching the history of Osmaston, Rolls-Royce and Marble Hall.A hip-hop music video has been created by local residentsAnd young people and we would like to share this video with you all. Currently a group of young people are busy working on a dance routine to accompany the music. A big thank you to Enthusiasm, Culture Train and Trinity Warriors for your support on this project.

OSCAR Derby 发布于 2016年12月20日

They are also working on a dance routine and heritage pack in partnership with OSCAR, Derby City Council, Culture Train and Trinity Warriors.

The young people have worked really hard over the past year and has learnt a lot about their local community and where they live.