Enthusiasm for Change



“Enthusiasm exists because local residents saw a need within their community. These community champions – individuals who took and active interest in the wellbeing of young people – became the nucleus of an organisation that still supports vulnerable young people today. This is still the central mission of our charity and we believe youth services are most responsive to the needs of young people when they come from within the heart of the community. The best and most sustainable way of doing this, is through Inspiring, encouraging and supporting community champions and local organisations with the tools we have gained over the past 20 years. The Arrows programme is an important part of this.”  Joseph Russo – CEO and founder of The Enthusiasm Trust

Arrows is about improving and diversifying youth service provision in your area. It is a programme aimed at empowering individuals, community groups and voluntary sector organisations to deliver high quality youth services.

The programme is aimed at the people we call ‘community champions’, this could be anyone from an active individual already working with young people, to community groups, charities, faith groups and youth groups.

40 days of change

In 40 days of contact we identify these local champions and provide them with structured training and support.

The training covers key elements of community based youth work:

  • Working with vulnerable young people
  • Assessment and referral
  • Breaking the cycle
  • Safeguarding issues
  • Mobilising communities
  • Targeted and effective interventions
  • Leadership

Whilst equipping them with the practical skills of delivering youth services:

  • Working with local authority commissioners
  • Working in partnership
  • Working alongside statutory organisations
  • Tendering for service contracts
  • Formal procedures
  • Sourcing premises
  • Sourcing volunteers
  • DBS (CRB) checks

These groups and individuals are then equipped with the knowledge to work with young people in their communities. The support we offer after the training is complete ensures their work in the community is sustainable and delivered to a high standard.

The outcome is increased community capacity to deliver youth services in your area. This creates both the potential for diversifying the delivery of youth services and a network of organisations capable of supporting young people.

For more information, please call us on 01332 362479.