Family Support

Help for Families

Our Family Support Service focuses on supporting adult members of the families of the young people we work with including parents, carers, extended family members and step parents. Early and effective intervention with the most disadvantaged and marginalised families can have the most significant impact on young people’s outcomes. Early intervention can prevent an emerging issue escalating into a crisis situation. Therefore the aim of our Family Support Service is to focus on help for families where there is the strongest evidence that the intervention can make a cost effective difference such as families where young people have behavioural problems, families of offenders, families with drug, alcohol and mental health problems and families where children have caring responsibilities and teenage parents.

Enthusiasm currently offers family support services to the families of the young people who access our provision. We adopt a ‘Whole Family Approach’ in order to maximise the outcomes for young people.  This provision offers families support and guidance with parenting and building positive relationships with young people, as well as help with other family related issues.

Outreach family support

This service provides intensive tailored support to families. We aim to address the holistic needs of the family in order to promote positive outcomes for the young people within it.  A Family Support Worker will meet with the family and together they will formulate an action plan according to issues raised by the parents/carers themselves, tailored to meet their specific needs.  For example, the family might need support with accessing a variety of services such as benefits agencies, health care services and housing options among others.

Handling Teenage Behaviour Parenting Programme

The Handling Teenage Behaviour Parenting Programme is a10 week course designed for parents/carers of young people aged 11-19 years. The primary aim is to promote the building of positive relationships between parents/carers and their young person. WHAT ELSE? Where parents/carers are hesitant to access this course the programme facilitator will visit them at home to provide more information about the course and answer any questions they might have to address any barriers to engagement.

1-2-1 Parenting support

Wherever possible, parents/carers are encouraged to attend the Handling Teenage Behaviour Programme.  However, for a variety of reasons not all parents/carers will do so, in these cases Enthusiasm may consider offering parenting support on a 1-2-1 basis.