The issue of street gangs is one that is having a negative impact on society. There is recognition that many young people who end up in gangs do so because of a variety of factors including poverty, deprivation and limited life chances. Enthusiasm has developed innovative and unique programmes to engage with gang members at an early stage as well as those who are entrenched in gang/violent youth culture with the aim of ending gang and youth violence in the areas that we work.

Our work with gangs includes:

  • Assemblies and lessons in schools based on improving general attitude and behaviour, choices and consequences as well as crime prevention. We incorporate personal testimonials, presentations, drama sketches, games and question and answer sessions to embed learning.
  • Mentoring programme to refocus the minds of young people caught up in gang cultures or lifestyle or those involved in anti-social behaviour.
  • Workshops covering subjects including:
    • gun and knife crime
    • choices and consequences
    • drug and alcohol awareness
    • sexual health and positive relationships
    • anger management and conflict resolution
    • exit strategies, confidence and self esteem
    • positive pathways to employment
    • prison – the truth
  • Positive activities specifically designed to engage, challenge and invigorate young people by improving their communication and social skills, identifying hidden talents and encouraging creative thinking.


Pathways to Employment

Working in conjunction with Derby College, Connexions and local employers, a specific programme has been designed to work with ex-offenders or young people wanting to turn their lives around and achieve sustainable employment. We run workshops on CV writing and interview techniques to improve their skills.

We have identified local employers and are working to get them on board. Because of their background, these young people will require additional support and be given additional chances to succeed.


We have recently been awarded funding to deliver a holistic mentoring and support programme for gang associated young people including family support and workshops

In conjunction with Derby County Community Trust we will be developing an Enthusiasm Football Team which will be a vehicle to promote cohesion by bringing gang members from both areas together across the postcode divide and will provide long term healthy and positive activities for young people. Participants will access Football Association coaching qualifications and the development of this team will improve relations with Police and the community and ultimately get young people to know each other and enjoy the team ethic as a basis to move into Education, Training and Employment. There will be an annual Street league tournament which will involve other football teams around the City that is planned and organised by the young people themselves.