Triple R Mentoring Programme

Intensive support for young people

This is our intensive mentoring programme and is designed to deliver services and positive activities that build self-esteem, confidence, promote change from within communities and raise aspirations. By mentoring specific, targeted individuals and families who are deemed to be ‘most at risk’ we aim to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour, unemployment, community breakdown and exclusion. Our mentors work with young people on an intensive 1-2-1 basis and interventions are structured with each individual in mind so that they directly address the sub-criminological needs of that young person. In particular, interventions will focus on achieving behavioural change and new ways of thinking, especially around offending and the impact of crime. The programme includes a tailored action plan for each young person linked to and stemming from an initial assessment, which is updated regularly. Examples of our interventions include basic skills, gang/group offending, choices and consequences, health, anger management, impact on victims of gun and knife crime, conflict resolution and drug and alcohol awareness. There are a number of strands and projects within our Triple R programme including 1-2-1 mentoring, gang’s work and family support services.

We engage young people through early intervention activities with the aim of reducing crime, raising their aspirations and helping them to have a positive impact on their local community.

Our ‘TRIPLE R’ Mentoring Programme is designed to:

Release Potential

We provide positive activities to engage the most ‘hard to reach’ young people in order to build their self esteem, confidence and give them the skills to allow them to reach their true potential.

Repair Communities

We provide strong foundations in local neighbourhoods to promote change from within and to raise and restore the aspirations of communities through positive activities for young people.

Reduce Crime

We provide targeted interventions for young people identified as being most at risk in order to reduce crime, antisocial behaviour, youth unemployment, community breakdown and exclusion.


We will consider referrals from anyone onto our Triple R Mentoring programme. Please complete the referral form  and email the completed form to us at We will respond to your referral within five working days.