Universal Services

A safe place to have fun

We provide fun and safe environments that bring young people and their community together through youth clubs, themed workshops, drop-in sessions, residential weekends, volunteering opportunities and holiday schemes. We also work with local schools to support assemblies and PSHE lessons. We also have a double decker community bus that can be used to access antisocial behaviour hotspots as a mobile youth club. The bus has widescreen TV, Wii and Playstation games along with DJ decks and arts and craft materials. We will often have additional support workers on board to help raise awareness of certain issues such as drug and alcohol workers. We try to ensure that young people have the opportunity to contribute towards their community, take their civic responsibilities seriously and recognise the benefits to them of contributing.

Our Universal work supports the whole community as well as providing progression routes and on-going support for targeted young people on our programme. Our Universal provision promotes personal achievement, social skills, and team work and helps young people to challenge their own behaviour and helps to divert young people away from crime.

Our universal youth work aims to:

  • Give young people positive activities to take part in, thus diverting them away from criminal and antisocial behaviour.
  • Help young people develop their confidence, independence and self-esteem.
  • Give young people a safe environment and increased opportunities to experience life.
  • Help young people to develop independent living and social skills.