A CHARITY which works with children who are at risk of exclusion from school or offending has set up a youth club in a city suburb to help keep teenagers off the street.

Enthusiasm Trust, which is based in Cotton Lane, has set up a youth club in Chellaston, which has been reported as having an increase in anti-social behaviour over the last 12 months.

The club, which is held every Wednesday evening in the Community Centre, in Barley Croft, is attracting around 30 teenagers a week with sports, gaming, crafts, food and music.

The organisation is expanding its outreach work across the city into areas which have been identified as hotspots for groups of teenagers, especially where dispersal orders have been issued.

It has seen a 33% increase in the numbers of young adults attending its youth clubs in Osmaston and Clifton, in Nottingham and hopes to set up similar youth clubs in other areas of the city.

CEO April Allman said: “We have seen a big rise in the number of young people attending our youth clubs and although we haven’t been open for long in Chellaston it is clear that the need is there, just by the numbers we have attending already.

“We know that when young people congregate there is more likely to be antisocial behaviour, violence and aggression – so we want to get young people away from hanging out in places like parks and shopping centres, by offering them alternatives.

“We hope to replicate what we have here in Derby in other areas of the city where we know there are increasing levels of anti-social behaviour.”

The Chellaston youth club is currently funded by Enthusiasm Trust’s patronage club, which includes businesses including Smith Partnership, HUUB, Benz Bavarian, Icons Talent, PKF Smith Cooper and Ivy Grove developments but the charity is hoping to secure funding to make the enterprise long term.

In addition to its youth clubs, Enthusiasm Trust also offers one-to-one mentoring programmes, and school support programmes for those at risk of exclusion.

Many of the young people it works with have complex needs and chaotic lifestyles. They come from areas with high unemployment, poor health and housing, high levels of crime and exposure to gangs and may witness or experience drug and/or alcohol abuse.

It also works with parents and families offering opportunities to gain skills, employment, knowledge, and experience, from a variety of activities.

More than 1,000 young people and families have engaged with Enthusiasm Trust in the last 12 months which is 33% increase on the previous year.