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Enthusiasm Trust is an East Midlands Charity which has helped more than 10,000 disadvantaged young people achieve a better life over the last 30 years.

Our impact last year

Young People Engaged


 % Of Attendees felt safe

Activity Sessions Delivered

Enthusiasm provides high quality, community-focused youth programmes in the most deprived areas in the East Midlands with some of the highest violent crime rates and anti-social behaviour in the County.


Our evidence-based interventions, which have been externally evaluated by the University of Derby, Practical Participation, UCLAN, York St John’s and Salford University, successfully engage disadvantaged, marginalised and excluded young people who are most at risk of becoming involved in anti-social, violent and criminal behaviours. We currently provide programmes for young people.

Most young people are aged between 11 and 15 with an equal spread of young people ranging from 7 to 18; over 45% are male and 54% female. The majority come from Osmaston, Allenton, Alvaston and neighbouring areas with a large cohort of young people from Clifton, Nottingham where we hold a youth club and outreach activities. 

There were over 10,703 engagements with 1028 young people in 2022/2023 with an increasing trend showing for 2023/2024. Activities are co-created, co-designed and co-delivered with our young people and Communities. We have formed productive relationships with the local schools as well as a few schools outside of the local area including St Benedict’s Academy and Alvaston Moor Academy & Derby City Council where we deliver The Beta Programme, outreach and mentoring.

Enthusiasm is on a Mission To work towards their vision.


To provide a safe place and opportunities for young people and their communities to develop life skills needed to enable social mobility.


To give every young person the opportunity to reach their true potential whatever their life circumstances.

This means Enthusiasm has expanded its work reaching out to young people families and communities providing clubs, workshops, homework support, one-to-one mentoring programmes, delivering programmes in schools for those young people at risk of exclusion and working with parents and families to offer opportunities to gain skills, employment, knowledge, and experience from a variety of activities.

We have seen a 30% increase in the number of young people and family members we have engaged with in 2022-2023

We have launched a new youth club in Chellaston,  and have started a warm hub, 3 times a week for families and community members, we have also delivered the Streets to success programme to young people most at risk of falling into the Youth Justice systems, backed by the Home Office

Outreach Activity

The team of youth workers and volunteers work in the Community when we know young people will be around on the streets, parks and popular haunts. They also go to school assemblies, to raise awareness of the activities and services offered at Enthusiasm’s Youth Hub.

Enthusiasm work with the local communities, Police, Derby City Council and other stakeholders who know where the hot spots of anti-social behaviour and other youth crime are, or are likely to happen, to work towards preventing and diverting young people from criminal behaviours and sexual exploitation.

Community Activities

We formed The Family/Warm Hub for parents, carers and people from the local community in 2021. It is growing in the number of participants. This activity is designed to support the most vulnerable families by providing a safe, warm space for coffee mornings, support with accessing essential universal services, support with mental health, raising awareness of criminal sexual exploitation and safeguarding. We offer an array of group activities such as baking, cake decorating, wreath making, keep fit exercise and healthy living classes, such as Box Fit. These sessions are free or affordable and give the most in need families a sense of belonging, especially when they are struggling with day-to-day life. Food parcels are delivered weekly to those most in need by volunteers and staff.

One of our Family Hub members is the Community Poverty commissions representative this means that our families have a voice around the Poverty Commissions table.

Universal Interventions

We hold youth clubs, school holiday clubs, creative arts, drama, storytelling, spoken word and dance activities as well as a wide range of sports and fitness activities at the Enthusiasm Youth Hub, Cotton Lane venue and a youth club at the Chellaston Community Centre, Barley Croft, DE73 6TU. Discrete educational programmes such as grow your own produce, personal health and wellbeing programmes are also provided. A hot meal is provided and a safe warm space to share any challenges or worries the young people may be facing.

Excursions and External Activities

Every year the Enthusiasm team take hundreds of young people on excursions and to external activities. Most of the young people we work with would not have the opportunity to access the opportunities we gain from supporters and sponsors. These include theatre trips, firework displays, swimming, ice skating, paint balling, canoeing, kayaking, orienteering and mountain biking to name a few. We go on bus trips far and wide including the Peak District, Skegness, Blackpool, Birmingham and London

Residential and Outdoor Pursuit

We take the young people away from their local community on a variety of external trips, such as Mount Cook and Pine Lakes these activities provide fun, diversionary activities whilst building trust, confidence, self-esteem and instilling aspirations. This in turn reduces instances of anti-social behaviour and low-level criminal activity. Once a year we try to take a large group on a residential trip involving team building and outdoor pursuits, further giving us the opportunity to positively influence our young people.

BETA Programme

The BETA programme is designed to help young people who have become disengaged at school, home and in society, to make small, steady achievements. The young people can then develop coping strategies and life skills to better help and equip them cope with the challenges they face.

They have an opportunity to explore areas of development and their personal strengths, training, support and access to universal services and mentoring. Their destination will be to move onto the volunteer’s programme. 

Mentoring Programme


We release potential.

By providing activities to positively engage the most ‘hard to reach’ young people to build self-esteem, confidence and skills to allow each young person to reach their full potential. 

We repair community relationships

By providing stronger foundations in local neighbourhoods to promote change from within and to raise and restore the aspirations of communities through positive activities for young people and their communities. 

We reduce crime

By providing targeted intervention with the young people identified as being most at risk to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour, youth unemployment, community breakdown and exclusion.

Our Enthusiasm Mentoring Programme identifies the needs of each individual young person by developing a bespoke package of support that can best encourage and enable the young person to achieve their own full potential. 

The programme considers the young person’s family and personal relationships, academic development, social circle, relationships and influences, effect of substance misuse directly or indirectly, physical & mental health, emotional and psychological behaviour. 

Youth Violence Prevention Programmes

We work in partnership with the Violence Reduction Unit to target young people who are most at risk of becoming involved in anti-social/violent/criminal behaviour, either as a victim or perpetrator.

We offer a bespoke one to one programme that meets the often complex and complicated needs of the young person, preparing them for an extreme programme of high intensity sports adventures which then send them back to Enthusiasm to transition them into a positive destination.

Enthusiasm Volunteer Programme

Every year we recruit volunteers who access our services at Enthusiasm. The aim is to help our volunteers develop life skills, teamwork, problem solving, communication skills and a sense of belonging and giving back to their community.

The volunteers can get involved with all activities including sports, crafts, cooking projects, trips, excursions and much more. 

We deliver a programme to support them to be a great volunteer and to enhance their CV. We have a qualified trainer who delivers some of the training and other elements are run by other specialists like our Educational Trustee who specialises in communication and inclusion. 

The modules include awareness of safeguarding, child criminal and sexual exploitation, health and safety, first aid, equality and diversity, effective communication, dealing with challenging behaviour, teamwork, leadership and a project on social responsibility which volunteers design and deliver to their community. 

in 22-23 our volunteers gave 4275 hours of their time

Schools Transition Programme

Enthusiasm Trust work together with schools to successfully transition young people to Secondary Education. Through an individually tailored package of support, in conjunction with receiving secondary school provision support, we work with young people from Year 6 who have been identified as being at high risk of disengagement leading to exclusions, seclusions and / or ultimately possible permanent exclusion.
The aim is to ensure a smooth transition from primary/junior education to secondary education ensuring full engagement in school life and activities for the young people.

We work closely with both sets of schools collating a comprehensive profile of each of the young people to ensure we provide a bespoke package of support for both the young people and their families.




Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do, to see a copy of our safeguarding policy please click here